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About the course

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He plays sports professionally. He makes more than $6m/year. Perhaps not too eye-popping and jaw-dropping until you realize his sport is video games. His name is Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, he may be today’s most successful player, but he’s not alone and he’s certainly only a sign of things to come.

2.2 million individual players stream on Amazon’s Twitch network every month. As many as 15 million viewers tune in daily to watch. Las Vegas is already home to several professional leagues, signing players that move to team houses to live and play together.

There’s a whole new industry evolving and it’s worth billions.

The proposed sections in this course include the following:

• What is Twitch and how does it work? How much money can a player make? What do most of the players earn? What are the skills necessary to succeed? A look at a few of today's top players on Twitch.
• The rise of professional gaming leagues. What do they play? How do the leagues work? Who’s behind them? Will league play move into primetime traditional media? A look at a top league and how the founders see the industry evolving.

• Where did all this all this start? The earliest computer games and the way there were played: from Empire, to Zork, Donkey Kong, Everquest, Halo, Counter-Strike, and Fortnite.

• From counter-culture to mainstream. First, it was rock and roll and now it’s video games that are destroying today’s youth. What is the lifestyle of a professional gamer?

• What’s next in esports? Esports gambling. eSports and the Olympics. Esports and new literary genres. eSports and education and learning. How will the online virtual world impact our traditional institutions?

This course will feature multiple live interviews with players and managers providing an inside look at the world of professional eSports.

Did we miss something? Let us know what you feel should be included in this course. The conversation is happening in our eSports Discussion right now.

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