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Where are you from? What line of work are you in? What subjects are you interested in and why? What do you hope to get from participating in the community?



  • AlannaAlanna star-trek-member

    Hi, my name is Alanna. I'm 64 and have been watching almost all of Trek since 1966. I'm currently enjoying Discovery enormously. I do not work; I am on disability. I saw this course listed on Facebook and just had to join! My biggest hobby is costuming. Not cosplay; I design original costumes based mostly on science fiction and fantasy books. I started going to conventions in 1973, when I went to the New York Star Trek convention. Later, some friends introduced me to a local science fiction convention called Balticon (located just outside Baltimore). I stopped going to Star Trek cons for a while, mainly because of the cost but also because I was in the Air Force and very busy. I have a sister who is also disabled, and we live together in an apartment in Maryland with three cats.

  • The course is interesting. Would recommend to friends.

  • ZoeZoe star-trek-member
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    Hello all,

    Just back from STLV where I found out about this course. My name is Zoe, I am 37 and live in London, UK. I first watched ST as a child when my mum would be watching repeats of TOS and so I knew what it was, however it wasn't until my mid-20s that I started to watch and really appreciate it for what it was. I have watched every episode of all series, most more than once, and I am torn between what series is my fav and who is my fav character/captain. TNG is very special to me as I think thats the series I first watched from start to finish, Captain Janeway is everything I want to be as a strong and independent person/women, DS9 has amazing story lines of which cover so many relevant everyday issues and Enterprise I feel is always forgotten, I personally have a lot of time for it.

    I'm looking forward to getting started!

  • KrisMSmithKrisMSmith star-trek-member
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    Hi, Marilyn! You can get DeForest Kelley Up Close and Personal at YellowBalloonPublications.com and at Amazon but there are two additional versions (full color PDF and audio book with 15 additional minutes of actual voicemail messages from the Kelleys, Harve Bennett, Tippi Hedren and other celebs) available ONLY at Yellow Balloon. Thanks for you interest!

  • Zoso1701Zoso1701 star-trek-member

    Hello and Good Evening all! I'm Ryan, though I've chosen to use my usual internet moniker here. Not sure if that was appropriate or not, but hey! I'm just glad to be here.

    My wife showed me the information about this Star Trek course she found on Twitter. Super excited to be a part of it, as I think it will be a wonderful way to interact with fellow Trek fans and extend our shared enjoyment and appreciation of the series.

    I entered with The Next Generation. My first episode being "Skin of Evil." Had that been all I saw, it likely would have been my last. Shortly after, I viewed "Tapestry" during it's first airing and I was hooked. From there I began taping all the back episodes I could, pleading with grandparents to get TOS videocassettes for birthdays, etc...

    I'm looking forward to mingling with you all here. I have two young children and a demanding job which limit my time to devote to conversing with people in person. Grateful that this hailing frequency is now OPEN.

  • AlannaAlanna star-trek-member

    Hello, my name is Alanna Whitestar, and I live in Columbia, Maryland. I have been a Trekkie since 1966. My favorite series is Deep Space Nine, because I love the fact that, on a space station, you don't just warp away after solving everyone's problems at the end of each episode. Actions have repercussions that often come back to haunt you on a space station. People can re-visit, leading to the most and most developed recurring characters in any of the series. Because of this, you also had the most diverse group of regular and recurring characters. And the writing was superb. I loved the story arcs and serialized episodes.

    I am on disability, so don't work. I enjoy making costumes, doing beadwork and embroidery, and reading.

    A subject I have been interested in lately is the link between quantum physics and consciousness. I highly recommend the book Quantum Enigma to learn about this subject.

    I live with my sister, also a Trekkie, who is also on disability, and three cats.

  • startreknosubtitlesstartreknosubtitles star-trek-member

    Hello, new friends. My name is Galen. I am 48 years old, male, and have lived most of my life in the southern US. I cannot remember a time in my life when I was not a Star Trek fan, made possible by two local tv stations airing it nightly. Although I had a wonderful family, Star Trek gave me a vision of learning, cooperation and exploration that inspired me to travel and grow beyond my rural upbringing, all the way to earning a PhD and teaching philosophy and history at the collegiate level. One of the greatest memories of my life was being able to say that to Leonard Nimoy and receive in return his warm embrace. My favorite episode is "The Empath," and my favorite movie is The Search for Spock, and for the same reason: both are about the unbreakable bonds between the characters that made me always want to be alongside the loyal crew on the Enterprise.

  • Christina_P_9000Christina_P_9000 star-trek-member

    Hi All! I'm Christina. I've loved watching Star Trek since I was a young child. Star Trek helped develop my love of science. I have studied many sciences throughout my academic career, and I have been working as a nurse for the past seven years. I also love all of the moral lessons that have been and continue to be taught through Star Trek. I'm really looking forward to enjoying this course.

  • jesshutchjesshutch star-trek-member

    Hi all I am jess...I posted on my own forum as.. well. there ya go.... Hope to learn a lot from these episodes and am very excited about it. My partner pointed these series out and I immediately subscribed. like I said in my own forum Star Trek was my friend while growing up. while I don't have the series memorized did learned from each one.

    big hugs..

  • NoiseNoise star-trek-member

    Hello, just call me Noise. I'm 59 and an Engineer. I see Star Trek as an extrapolation of Enlightenment/Modernist philosophy, and as such it gets criticized a lot as being too optimistic. My defense is that, although that viewpoint may be valid for the humans today, Star Trek also asks a valid question about future humans: What if, through advanced technology and a better understanding of themselves, our children's, children's, children will just be better than we are?

  • SueSue star-trek-member

    Hi everyone, I'm Sue. I can't remember when I started watching Star Trek, it seems like it has always been a part of my life.

  • TheChorusTheChorus star-trek-member

    Hello, I am an American living in Ireland at the moment. Like the Chorus from TNG, I am a signed language interpreter. I've been a Trekkie since TNG first aired and I shared my mother's love for TOS and all things ST since then. The new movies and series are interesting to me, but I think they have fallen into violent conflict in direct opposition to Roddenberry's vision for the franchise and are, therefore, less interesting to me. I dream of another TNG type series. Perhaps there is a bored Q to grant my wish?

  • mrs84mrs84 star-trek-member

    Hello, I am Monica. I grew up in Washington, D.C. and started watching Star Trek as a grade-schooler during the 1970s. I have always been impressed with Roddenberry's story lines, and his ability to merge present-day science with not-yet-discovered phenomena. I also appreciated his inclusion of women and people of Color--all in positions of importance, unlike the Hollywood standard of the day--in every episode. Perhaps those early influences helped lead me to a career in the military and aviation.
    Today, I still enjoy watching Star Trek (I prefer TOS) and I look forward to the course and the discussions.

  • DougDoug star-trek-member
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    Greetings everyone, my name is Doug and have been a fan of all things Star Trek since 1968 when I was 9 years old having been born in 1959 with Cerebral Palsy effecting my entire right side. I could walk or talk until I was 5 and thus was ignored by my family, some saw me a disappointment. Through watching Star Trek I became entranced about a future of inclusion regardless of race; sexual orientation; or disability . I have learned to weave what I have learned about Star Trek into my daily life and some say I am a poster child for what some can achieve if they chose to succeed. I am currently a city councilor in the town of Greenfield MA. I am still searching for ways to Intergrate what I have learned through Star Trek and was hoping some ideas would spring to life in this forum.

  • cmbluecmblue star-trek-member

    Hi, my name is Cathy. I've been a Star Trek fan from TOS but have to say that TNG was my favorite series. I wanted to grow up and be Deanna Troi :smile: I always thought it would be fun to do a master's thesis comparing the leadership styles of Kirk and Picard. I currently live in Fort Lupton, CO where I train dogs to herd livestock but I'm about to make a huge change and move to NW Washington state. Boldly going lol

  • Jaxon354Jaxon354 star-trek-member

    Greetings and felicitations. I'm Robb and I've been a fan of Star Trek since the TOS days, watching the series in my parents kitchen on the little B&W TV. Since then I've watched all of the other series and movies, been in Trek Fandom for almost 20 years and had the opportunity to meet and enjoy the company of many of the stars. I'm a retired police constable from Ohio, a historical reenactor and general sci-fi fan. I've been an avid reader of the major authors and a host of the newer ones. I've been, and I'm still going.

  • wowiewowie star-trek-member

    Hello all!!

    My name's Rachelle, but you can also call me Wowie :) I'm a 27 year old university student, from Alberta, Canada. I'm currently finishing up a Bachelor of Arts, double majoring in English and History of Art, Design, and Visual Culture.

    Some of my earliest memories are of my dad watching Star Trek late at night on TV. Until the new Star Trek movie came out in 2009, I had only seen random episodes (usually Voyager) here and there. But after that movie, I quickly became obsessed (I blame Chris Pine and his beautiful baby blues). I watched TOS and TNG soon after, and over the years I've been slowly catching up on the rest. Most recently I've been watching DS9 (almost done)! I've always been, and always will be, a Kirk girl, though ;)

    I look forward to learning more about Star Trek and its cultural influences! I can't remember where I saw the add for this course, but the deal was too good to pass up. I adore the idea of pop culture scholarship. It's something that I've only just discovered as a possible area of study/future career.

    Given that I'm currently a full-time student, I'm not sure how active I'll actually be, discussion-wise, but I look forward to getting to know and chatting with you all!

  • ThalasaThalasa star-trek-member

    Greetings Star Trek Friends,
    I have been a follower of Star Trek from the Beginning. I know a lot about TOS and have many of the original books that filled the gap until TNG came along. I love everything about Star Trek. I will say that I am not as fond of DS9 as I am of the other series, but I also recognize that it does add another dimension to the Star Trek Universe.
    I am looking forward to getting to know fellow lovers of Star Trek and sharing memories.

  • DeathbysassyDeathbysassy star-trek-member

    Hey, I'm Sacha Brant, and I own my own business in Canada. Star Trek, and the lessons it carried, enabled me to live through some extremely tough times and gave me a family structure I didn't otherwise have in real life. I'm here to learn even more, because it's such a large part of my existence.

  • JokerrswyldeJokerrswylde star-trek-member
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    Hello, I am Joe Vargas and I am a second Grade teacher. I have loved Star Trek since I could read. My goal is to inspire young minds to boldly go and explore our world with critical thinking.

  • BenjieBenjie Administrator, star-trek-member
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    Hey everyone! Just wanted to say welcome to the newcomers! There have been awesome contributions from people of many different backgrounds. As the admin guy, I have had the pleasure of reading every comment, and all have been interesting, well-formulated, and straight from the human experience. Over the past four months I have watched all of TNG and I'm currently on the 2nd season of DS9. Truthfully, I haven't seen Star Trek before June of this year. Better late than never. :)

    Let's get at the truth of our universe! And please please please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, etc. ! If you have any random ideas for new discussions, collaborations, interactions, just go for it! This is your place to rethink the world through the lens of Star Trek.

    A note about forum activity: You'll see in the graphic below that "Page Views" have held rather constant. There are definitely people on this forum every day. Add your perspective on the discussion questions and challenge that of others! If you are responding to a specific person you can write "@" and then their username should pop up for you to select, and they'll be notified and recognized in your response.

  • fmn3usaffmn3usaf star-trek-member

    My name is Frank. I am 57 years old and reside in Chesterfield, Michigan. I am a 20-year veteran of the United States Air Force. I have been a fan of Star Trek for a very long time. I am currently a member of STARFLEET International and hold the rank of Commodore. This sounded like an interesting course, so I thought I would check it out.

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