We regret to inform you that Learning for a Small World will be shutting down on July 31st at midnight Pacific Standard Time. For members who have already purchased the course, please enjoy the course until then. If you're interested in accessing the course after July 31, 2019, you may visit: https://www.edx.org/course/star-trek-inspiring-culture-and-technology

Community Guidelines

BenjieBenjie Administrator, star-trek-member

We are absolutely thrilled to have such a talented, creative, and passionate group of students. Although we anticipate respectful dialogue and constructive comments in our discussion boards and on Facebook, we want to lay out some guidelines to help ensure this is a positive learning experience for all students. These guidelines apply to all discussions in and about the course, whether that is on Learning for a Small World, Facebook, or through email.

  1. Positive and constructive debate is welcomed and encouraged! One thing that is not encouraged, and will not be tolerated, is abusive or disrespectful communication with your peers. The discussions are a place for you to interact with peers from around the world, so let's also all ensure we make it a supportive place to learn together. We have some additional guidelines for how to respectfully debate with someone. You can find them here.

  2. Sharing: you are absolutely welcome to share your portfolios, your blogs, your websites, and your writing. Please do not promote or post commercial activities in our course communities.

  3. Feedback: We are learning all the time about how to make this course the best experience it can be for the students. We welcome your ideas and feedback. If you would like to send us thoughts directly, please e-mail us: [email protected] If you have non-course related criticism about Promethean, CBS, the Smithsonian, or any members of our course team or fellow students, you are welcome to have that dialogue outside of the course, but please do not share it here. Personal attacks will not be tolerated.

We hope these guidelines are straightforward. If we see a violation, a member of the Learning for a Small World team will give you a warning. A second violation will be taken more seriously and will impact your ability to participate in the course and/or in our groups. But we trust that this will not be necessary!

Thank you

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