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Do you fear any potentialities of the artificial intelligence revolution?

BenjieBenjie Administrator, star-trek-member
edited May 2018 in Artificial Intelligence

If so, what do you fear? Why?


  • If the singularity is possible then we are currently in a race to achieve it. The first group to get there will have total control. If a rogue nation wins then it could mean bad things for humanity.

  • I think it's increasingly hard to ignore. You read about self-driving car deaths (Tesla or Uber vehicles) and the ensuing investigations of who is liable. The bigger issue is that this will only become more frequent as AI integrates more with our lives.

    @roberthudson Rogue nations, non-rogue nations...it's getting hard to tell the difference. Is the U.S. more rogue than it used to be? How would America behave if it reached singularity-level technology before other developed countries?

    China has the biggest satellite dish in the world searching for extraterrestrial life. It's fascinating and scary how they could make contact and not tell any other earthly nations or tell them with proof but withhold details of their location. What would it take for us to unite around a better transparent technological future?

  • marilynKmarilynK star-trek-member

    Currently there are so many scientist working on A.I. that it is hard to keep up with everything currently in development. We already have robots that help make automobiles, robots that perform surgeries, computers that can play Jeopardy, chess, etc., and when you add all of that together with television shows like Westworld and Humans, to name only a couple, it can be scary or exciting, or dull and boring. It's a slippery slope that no one can predict the outcome of, especially since we don't know everything that is being worked on or studied or by who.

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